Two men playing futsal.
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How is futsal different than indoor soccer?

Futsal is a variation of soccer played in a gym. It uses a size 4 ball that has less bounce than a regular indoor soccer ball, and boundaries are in effect — you can’t use the walls. When the ball goes out of bounds, you do a kick-in instead of a throw-in. Because the size 4 ball is smaller and has less bounce, it’s great for learning ball control and passing.

In leagues with a referee, you play two 20-minute halves and stop the clock whenever a ball goes out of bounds, with four seconds to do a kick-in, but because our Casual leagues don’t have any refs, we play with two 25-minute halves.

Teams are made up of four players plus a goalie, so we recommend 7-9 players on a team to make sure you have enough subs.

Read the full rules.

A good fit for community gyms

We chose to follow futsal rules because it’s a great fit for community gyms! Using the wall works great in boarded soccer where there’s a smooth surface to bounce the ball off, but using the walls in a community gym is a lesson in frustration. The ball bounces in random directions when it has an uneven surface, and don’t even get us started about digging for the balls in the benches where people are sitting and gym bags are stored.

When you follow futsal rules in a community gym, the ball is out if it crosses the boundary and it resets with a kick-in — avoiding the issues with using the walls and getting the ball stuck in the bench. You might think this would slow down the game, but the resets are quick and once teams get used to controlling the ball, it stays in the boundaries more often than it goes out.

Play Sask futsal league

Play Sask hosts an adult co-ed rec soccer league in Saskatoon — at least two people of the opposite gender are required on the court at all times. All levels of play are welcome, especially beginners! Advanced players are also welcome, just make sure you keep it light.

We’re looking for both teams and single players! If you don’t have a team to play with, register as a single, and we’ll either add you to a team or make a draft team from all the single registrants.

Register here.