Yukigassen Tournament Saskatoon
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What is yukigassen?

Yukigassen is an organized snowball fight played outdoors that’s big in Japan, and now it’s coming to Saskatoon!

The Play Sask Yukigassen Tournament runs Feb. 3-4, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. both days, at Victoria Park as part of the PotashCorp WinterShines festival. All teams get a minimum of two games. Players must be 19+.

Early bird pricing until Jan. 5.

Basic Rules

All players must wear a helmet and eye protection. We recommend helmets with a full-face shield.

Each match consists of 3 three-minute periods. The first team to win 2 periods wins the match.

To win a period:

  • Capture your opponent’s flag, OR
  • Eliminate all of your opponent’s players, OR
  • Have the most remaining players at the end of the match.


  • Each team consists of 7 on-court players, plus subs.
  • At least two players must be of the opposite gender.
  • The 7 on-court player positions are 4 Forwards and 3 Backcourts
  • Forwards can play anywhere in front of their own back line. Forwards may not cross their own back line with either foot.
  • Backs can use the whole court.
  • Substitutions can only be made between periods, even if there is an injury during the period.