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Free drop-in

PLAY SASK FREE DROP-INS Looking for something to do? You’re in the right place! Our 100% free drop-in events in Saskatoon are open to anyone over 18. Even if you’ve never played before, don’t worry: our staff will help get you up to speed quickly! Visitors to Saskatoon welcome. No pressure. Each week you’ll join a…

Dodge Wars

PLAY SASK DODGEBALL TOURNAMENT Dodge Wars Muster your forces to battle it out for a $400 prize at Play Sask’s Return of the Dodge Wars Dodgeball Tournament! Following international dodgeball rules and inviting teams from across Western Canada, this is going to be one epic dodgeball tournament! Free drop-in games. Try dodgeball and learn the rules…
Yukigassen Saskatoon snowball fight tournament

Snowball Fights & Yukigassen

PLAY SASK YUKIGASSEN Snowball Fights Yukigassen is the sport of snowball fighting! A fast-paced, outdoor winter team sport, teams consist of 7 players, and the game has rules similar to dodgeball and capture the flag. The winning team gets the other team out first by hitting them with snowballs, or by capturing their opponent’s flag….