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We believe in keeping sports affordable and accessible

As part of our goal to be an inclusive and welcoming community, we want to keep fees as low as possible and offer transparent pricing.

  • Taxes included. All of our prices include taxes, making it easier for captains to split costs.
  • Minimal markup. Fees are designed to cover our costs and only make a small profit.
  • Free games. If you can’t afford league fees, come to our regular free drop-in games!

Pricing breakdown

What do your fees go toward? There are a lot of expenses related to running a sports league, and the Play Sask ownership takes home the same amount we pay our staff.

  • 35% facility rentals
  • 20% staff pay
  • 11% GST & PST
  • 7% supplies
  • 7% prizes
  • 6% software
  • 4% insurance
  • 4% advertising
  • 3% bank charges
  • 3% profit

Join us at our next free game series!

Each season, we offer a series of free drop-in soccer and dodgeball sessions open to anyone who wants to come play.

Free drop-in dodgeball

Free drop-in soccer