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Dodgeball player reaching for a ball.
Free drop-in dodgeball



Registration open.

Free drop-in dodgeball


Join our Competitive players on Wednesdays at 7 PM and learn from the best dodgeball players in the city!

Free drop-in dodgeball runs from Jan. 25 to March 8 at St. Mary’s Wellness Centre. Note: There will be no drop-in on Feb. 22.

Registration open.

Player name(s)

If more than one player, please separate names with a comma.


Dates, times & location

  • Wednesdays at 7 PM from Jan. 25 to March 8.
  • At St. Mary’s Wellness Centre.
  • Note: Doors must remain locked at all times, so please arrive on time so the coordinator can let you in.

Adult co-ed play

  • Women-friendly.
  • Players must be 18+.
  • Self-officiated.

Skill level

  • All levels of play are welcome, especially beginners!
  • Advanced players are also welcome, just make sure you keep it light.

Additional information

Drop-in dates

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