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Play Sask Dodgeball

Find your inner athlete

Get active by having fun playing dodgeball and being part of an awesome community! We’ve been hosting our welcoming and inclusive dodgeball leagues in Saskatoon since 2017.

Free drop-in games. Try dodgeball and learn the rules in a totally pressure-free space.

Women-friendly. We encourage teams to aim for gender parity on their rosters!

Play casual or competitive. Leagues for people who are totally serious, or not serious at all.

Indoor dodgeball: September to April

We play in community gyms following both recreational and World Dodgeball Federation rules, depending on the league. Games are 6v6 and the game is simple: try to throw a ball at your opponent without getting hit yourself. Sounds easy? It’s a deceptively simple game with a lot of depth. Fall leagues run from September to December and winter leagues run from January to April.

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Beach dodgeball: May to August

Sand, sun, and drinks on the patio! During the summer months, we take dodgeball outdoors to the beach volleyball courts at Sports on Tap. Our beach dodgeball league follows recreational rules and it’s our most casual league, more about enjoying the summer sun than trying to give it 110%. It’s a great way to learn the sport and get outside during the summer!

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Dodgeball updates

The latest news about what’s happening at Play Sask dodgeball leagues.

folks 19+ living in Saskatoon

Meet tons of new friends as you play on a team of 8-12 people—there’s never any pressure to be the best player! It’s all about having fun and making connections with other people.