Yukigassen snowball machine
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How to make the perfect snowball

Yukigassen snowball machine
Yukigassen snowball machine

There is something incredibly satisfying about throwing snowballs. The way they come together in your hands, the way they explode when they hit their target – magic!

But the conditions for snowball making need to be just right.

What’s happening when you make a snowball is that the ice crystals are melting slightly, whether by the warmth of your hands or by the pressure in a snowball maker, and reshaping as a sphere.

  1. The best temperature is around freezing. If it’s too cold, the snow won’t come together. You can melt snow in a tent with a heater, but as soon as you take them out of the tent, they turn into ice balls.
  2. Snow near buildings or in direct sunlight will likely work better. Mid-afternoon also tends to be the warmest part of the day, and so the best time to have your snowball fight.
  3. Powdery snow has too much air – packed snow is better. Even if it’s warm enough weather, fresh snow won’t have the mass it needs to melt.

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