Snowball Fights

Yukigassen is the sport of snowball fighting! A fast-paced, outdoor winter team sport, teams consist of 7 players, and the game has rules similar to dodgeball and capture the flag. The winning team gets the other team out first by hitting them with snowballs, or by capturing their opponent’s flag.

Games are 9 minutes long. Play Sask hosts coed rec sports for adults, so all games are mixed-gender, and players must be at least 19+. Games are self-officiated. All players must wear eye protection, whether that be a helmet with a visor, ski goggles, or safety glasses or goggles.

Yukigassen snowball machine

Yukigassen updates

Yukigassen snowball machine

How to make the perfect snowball

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There is something incredibly satisfying about throwing snowballs. The way they come together in your hands, the way they explode when they hit their target – magic! But the conditions for snowball making…
Yukigassen Tournament Saskatoon

What is yukigassen?

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Yukigassen is an organized snowball fight played outdoors that’s big in Japan, and now it’s coming to Saskatoon! The Play Sask Yukigassen Tournament runs Feb. 3-4, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. both days,…